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Donati Counseling, Inc. is a growing practice of helping professionals working to enhance the mental well being of children, adults, families, and couples in our community.

We prioritize our clients feeling heard, respected, and valued. As a preteen, founder and CEO of Donati Counseling, Toni Donati Butland, lost her father. Shortly after, she attended therapy with her mother, brother and sisters to heal from the tragic loss. After feeling as though she was not heard and her opinion was not valued in the first session, Toni decided that when she grew up, she would become a therapist and never allow someone in her care to feel less than heard, valued, and respected.

Toni infused these values in her solo practice and saw the effect that having a caring, respectful counselor had on her clients. Toni continued her solo practice into 2020 when she tragically lost her brother. With the passing of her brother, so too did the family name- Donati. Out of love and respect for her father, brother, and family name, the group practice, Donati Counseling, Inc. was born.

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