Here are 7 researched backed tips that will take your mental health to the next level

1. Find yourself a bomb therapist. You may go through a few to find the right fit. That’s part of the process. Regardless of where your mental health is at today, everyone can benefit from working with a professional counselor. Counseling is for people who strive for mental and emotional wellness. For people who know they are capable of more, but need help tearing down walls and confronting self-limiting beliefs. (Here’s a secret- we ALL have them)

2. Actively seek out positive people to spend your time with. You want to have daily interactions with people who are operating on a frequency at or above where you are operating. Reach up to people who lift you up. Reaching down, will bring you down.

3. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Actually catch yourself thinking the negative though, and rephrase it to become positive. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

4. Accept that you are exactly where you are because of decisions that you have made. In that same vein, believe that you are the only one in charge of where you are going. It’s pretty empowering to realize that you are exactly one decision away from an entirely different life.

5. What you tell yourself, will become your truth. Start listening carefully to your inner dialogue. Would you speak to your daughter the way you speak to yourself? If not, change it.

6. Improve your relationship with your spouse. Do something everyday to *show* your spouse you love them, with zero expectation in return. Don’t just tell them, that’s too easy and you are way more creative than that.

7. Take time to do the things that make you feel peace. This is different for everyone. The beach does this for me. The sand, the salt water, the salt air, brings a calm over me that I can’t experience any other way. Figure out what works for you, and make it a priority to do more often.

Entire text books have been written on each of these tips, so reach out to counselor to help you work through them in a way that would have the most impact on your life.

You’ve got this ! 🤜🏼❤️🤛🏼

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